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Can't we just solve this with more [X] ?

It is easy to imagine that with time, societies will equalize. That [X], popular dominant designs, will eventually reach everyone, societies will converge and all you need is more [X]. Not exactly. Confounders to wicked problems ensure heterogeneity in cultures and access. Environment, politics, history, economics. And is more efficient or even sustainable?


We end up with inefficient uses of [X]. Problems persist, people get left behind and we remain stuck in the present. There're always spaces where more of [X] does not solve problems. More messaging apps or more diagnostic platforms still have a hard time controlling STI infections in our communities. Or predicting emergence of disease. 

The opposite of more, then, is new. 

We're solving for the current and future health of our communities and environments. We build new resilient diagnostic tools for not just the highest performance, but to include, empower and bring agency to the 80% Pareto ignores. To build for a world that is today, and the world that will be in a 100 years.

Drizzle is the great equalizer. So should be health.

The first two

Bonolo and Digvijay met at Johns Hopkins in 2018. After deciding to do something about the unfair state of Tuberculosis diagnostics, they co-founded Drizzle Health in 2020.

Bonolo holds degrees in electrical engineering and bioengineering from the University of Witwatersrand and the Johns Hopkins University. When not exploring Kilimanjaro or Antarctica, she tinkers with precision medicine and scuba diving.

Digvijay holds degrees in materials science and bioengineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi and the Johns Hopkins University. He likes re-watching old films, is a European Product Design Awardee and is a fellow at Halcyon.

Work with us!

Having an impact in solving for everyone's health is more possible than ever!

The question to ask, is if this is something that's extremely important to have in the future. In effect, if you help shape this, would you have helped change the future in a way that agrees with your greatest internal values, as compared to what you're doing now? If yes, shoot us an email! 

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