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Let's create the future together!

Test as many times as you want

Testing at home can be hard. You should be able to have a do-over that doesn't cost $50 each time you forget a step. We want you to test as many times as you need without worrying about the cost. 

We do not store your DNA!

You can choose exactly what you want to do with the device. We will never automatically share your data. If you permit us to, it'll always be de-identified for increasing performance. And if you don't, Medupi still offers all the features.

We want you less anxious, not more

We understand our test may not be able to answer all the questions you have. Tell us what you'd want answered and we will share all the information we have. There should be no secrets about health.

Oral health indicates overall health.

Cavities and Gingivitis are expensive and recurring. 
They're also linked to poor pregnancy outcomes, cardiovascular disease, sexual wellness and more.

We enable testing oral health at-home!

Drizzle's proprietary AI powered platform tests saliva for bacteria that signal health. So that each of us can have our own baselines to measure our health against. The Drizzle app interprets this data, so you can take action, before you get sick. Not after.

We deserve a future that is based on personalized preventative health. And not just generalized preventative health advice. Preventative action that is based on our health, and works for us, individually.

Personal Prevention

is the future

Today, we don't visit a doctor until something is wrong. Or until we've tried everything. By then, we know it is going to be a costly affair. We just didn't know. There were no signs.

We need to know when we're headed towards bad health

No mail-in necessary!

1. Swab your mouth

2. Insert into device

3. View results

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